By Gotto d'oro october 24th 2018

It’s time for Novello wine, the Italian young, light and fruity red wine that can be tasted in the same year of harvest. 
Italian novello is similar to its French cousin Beaujolais nouveau in taste, body and color, but is produced using several grape varieties with a more liberal fermentation process. 
This year, the weather has not been favorable to us, but the careful care and selection made by our members, under the watchful eye of our technicians, has allowed us to have clean and healthy grapes. Gotto d’Oro Novello is Sangiovese, Merlot and Syrah grape varieties. 
The result? A wine with a particularly vivid color, with shades of purple and a taste where the freshness of aromas predominates: light and fruity, it is a wine that with the colors of autumn, brings joy, ease memories, recalls nature, wood and chestnuts. As last year, we wanted to follow this "spirit" with two new labels designed for young people who love life, who play with love and who love wine.

The labels, in special edition, are designed by CHIARA RAPACCINI, from her artist name RAP. Artist, illustrator, designer and writer, author of "Amori Sfigati", a series of satirical vignettes on love theme. The success of those vignettes began with her facebook page, then get published by Franco Cosimo Panini, also showcased in art exhibitions and weekly published by l’Espresso in an e-book 
As a yearly ritual, our Novello 2018 available from 00.01 on October 30th online, in our winery and in large retailers, will be an invitation to play, to make jokes for the love of wine.
We can not wait to taste it with you and we hope that our labels will make you smile.

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